Defend South Bank! Defend our Education! is a campaign group for students at London South Bank University (LSBU), set up in response to management decisions to make staff redundancies and major financial cuts in our institution. We believe that an alternative to cuts and staff losses exists, and we seek to fight these, and any further attacks on our Education.


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  1. Sara Gonzalez says:

    The Institute for Fiscal studies has calculated that raising tuition fees to 9K will mean that the savings to the taxpayer will be insignificant, about £700 per student. Please see:


    ‘The main loser of the Government’s proposed system is the taxpayer: the reduction in maintenance grants is more than outweighed by the cost of not imposing a levy. At higher fee levels, this becomes an increasingly important factor: if all universities charged £9,000 a year, we calculate that total the taxpayer burden of higher education would only be slightly lower than it is at the moment (by around £770 per graduate) costing the government potentially billions of pounds of savings compared to Lord Browne’s proposals.’

    This undermines the whole basis of the government’s policy.

    I hope you can use this, I am sending it round to every
    relevant person and organisation I can think of.


    Sara Gonzalez

  2. Sara Gonzalez says:

    The Office for Budget Responsibility report for November 2010 demonstrates that the university fees reform will increase not only student debt but national debt. The information is on the website of Million+:

    Let’s get the message to the general public, who might not give a damn about unviersities, but care about how much they pay.

  3. Jero says:

    Hi, could you please give an email to which we can send our letters of support? Thanks!

  4. angry students from zurich says:

    Hi there!

    We from zurich send you all the best for your
    struggle, we know how hard it can be: last
    year we kept occupying the biggest hall of our
    university during two weeks.
    It was a great time, we sampled new forms of
    communication and resistance, so will you!

    global resistance against global cuts!
    everything for everyone!
    from zurich with love and rage!

    students from zurich

    solidarity-action at university of zurich, 1/12/2010

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  7. #Solidarity from Aberystwyth,

    Keep fighting guys!

    Aber Students Against Cuts

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