Vote Nicole Lucas for VP Welfare!

Voting opens this Monday 28th Feb, until Friday 4th March, and will take place on the SU website.

Hi I’m Nicole, an undergraduate student, president of the Criminology Society and applying for the role of VP Welfare and Student Rights officer.

Being a single parent, I truly understand the struggles that students are facing, especially as the coalition government is set on attacking the public sector, welfare and education. I am very passionate about our rights as students to democracy and representation. I am part of the ‘Defend LSBU! Defend our Education!’ campaign which is fighting to keep vital services on campus such as the Emergency Loan System, LLU+ and the Language Centre.

My key motivations for applying for the role of VP Welfare officer is to really make a difference to the student experience at South Bank University by ensuring the student union is a fighting democratic body which will fight the cuts on behalf of students especially those with children, disabilities or low incomes.

Manifesto Aims:

1. Defend Education by fighting to retain our widening participation status: Say NO to a two-tiered education system and £7,000+ fees
2. Fight for a student union which represents LSBU students and defending the services the student union provides: Say NO to a student centre.
3. Celebrate the universities diversity and culture: Say NO to all discrimination
4. To empower and represent all LSBU students by developing a greater support network and increasing widening participation: Say NO to marginalisation

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