Vote Jonathan Dodds for President!

Voting opens this Monday 28th Feb, until Friday 4th March, and will take place on the SU website.

My name is Jonathan Dodds and I am running for President of the Students’ Union. I am part of the ‘Defend LSBU! Defend our Education!’ campaign which is fighting the cuts on campus, including the closure of the Language Centre, cuts to student support services and the scrapping of the emergency loan system.

University management has shown their commitment to slashing services and the quality of our education, and has recently announced their desire to increase student fees to above £7000 as well as further cuts to services and jobs amounting to £5.3million, which can only serve to add to the destruction of education at LSBU.

We need a strong, campaigning and democratic Students’ Union which will fight on behalf of students. We also demand a new Students’ Union building. We oppose the universities plans for a ‘student centre’, and insist on a fully independent building including a bar, social spaces, sports and societies storage, meeting rooms and advice services.

• No fees, no cuts, no job losses, save our education! Fight for an education for all
• Celebrate and defend diversity – oppose fascism, racism and Islamophobia
• Supporting liberation – end sexism, homophobia, transphobia, disablism and all bigotry

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