To all south London universities, colleges, schools and workplaces: Rally and march from LSBU on Day X!

First we share excellent news that our near neighbours, Camberwell College of Arts, have gone into occupation in their Wilson Road campus! Merry Christmas Camberwell Anticuts – our solidarity to you! This week will be momentous and we hope the numbers on the street saying no to this government and its ideological austerity will far outstrip those on the original student/lecturer demo of 10th November.

Day ‘X’ – this Thursday, 9th December.

‘Day X’ – as this Thursday has been christened – is the day when Parliament will vote on increasing tuition fees to £9,000. If approved this will be the final nail in the coffin for the principle that education should be a right not a priviledge.

WE CALL OUT TO ALL south London universities, schools, colleges and workplaces to join us for a rally and feeder march from LSBU.

Assemble at Keyworth Street, 11am, Thursday 9th December – we have a sound system coming!


Before Day ‘X’ – this Wednesday, 8th December.

1. Event: South London universities, schools and colleges united for Day X!

Location and time: meet Camberwell College of Arts, Wilson Road, Camberwell, 2pm, Wednesday 8th December

Camberwell College of Arts, LSBU, LCC, Goldsmiths and LSE appeal for south London students to come to the occupied Camberwell Collge Wilson Road campus at 2pm. This is to leaflet local schools and colleges in Southwark! We appeal to LSBU students to go down and help out. This is an opportunity to engage young people in how this government is selling out their future and to build links with the local community.

Please call Bishal for further information (07886 177076).

2. Event:  LSBU Student and Worker anti cuts assembly

Location and time: Borough Road Building B230, LSBU – 4-6pm, Wednesday 8th December.

The meeting will be chaired by one of the students involved with Defend LSBU! Defend our Education! occupation. We will have guest speakers from the occupying universities (Camberwell College and LSE), a student who been arrested and a school student. It will be a creative meeting where we will create banners and placards for the demo on Thursday. Come and invite as many people as possible because this will be a great occasion to strength the links between the students and workers campaigns.

3. Event: Defend LSBU! Defend our Education! social and fundraiser

Location and time: LSBU Students’ Union, Thomas Doyle Street – 6pm-8pm, Wednesday 8th December.

Relax before the big day and chip in some much needed money for our campaign (please!)

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  2. Sara Gonzalez says:

    According to Million+, the government’s proposals will cost the taxpayer and extra 2% each year:

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