Teach-in timetable: 25th November

This is the timetable for tomorrow. Time slots that are currently free will be updated as the day goes on. We encourage all students and staff visiting the occupation to suggest meetings, or to offer their skills in teaching languages or other subjects:

10am: Wake-Up: Organiser meeting
1pm: Mid-day organiser meeting
2pm: Why are arts and media important in education?
3pm: Guitar lesson
5pm: Where next for the student movement?
6pm: Greek language lesson
7pm: German language lesson
8pm: Film showing – ‘Bread & Roses’

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4 Responses to Teach-in timetable: 25th November

  1. Strawberry Thieves Socialist Choir fully supports your actions in support of jobs and skills. If the short notice allows it we will come and sing the song “Bread & Roses” either before or after your showing of the film at 8pm Thursday. Originally the slogan: We want Bread and Roses too” was seen on a placard during a textile workers strike in Massachusetts in 1912 and it is a message still relevant today as working people in Britain and other capitalist countries are faced with a ruling class attempting to grind them into poverty and ignorance.

    Well done!

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  3. Dr. Ozlem Onaran says:

    Dear Students and Colleagues,
    Your occupation and mobilization is showing us the way to resist the cuts not
    only at the universities but also at the work places. Cuts in education and the
    rise in tuition fees are neither neccessary nor rational from a social and
    economic viewpoint. Education is a public good, should be free and has to be
    financed by progressive taxes. You are now showing that cuts are also not
    unavoidable, and we have an alternative.
    In solidarity,
    Dr. Ozlem Onaran, Senior Lecturer in Economics, Middlesex University

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