Solidarity with the students at Rednock School in Gloucester

We have just received information that secondary school students at Rednock School in Gloucester who stood up and walked out against education cuts earlier today have now been faced with expulsion.

Ealier today a determined group of students in the small town of Dursley in Gloucester, walked out of their lessons to stand up and resist the coalition Goverments cuts. As they walked out, the fire alarm was set off, seemingly by school management in an attempt to hide and undermine the students action.

Students who were identified as having walked out before the fire alarm were then told that as a result of their action, they are facing explusion periods of 2 weeks. Students have been informed that only sixth formers are permitted to take part in such demonstrations.

Defend LSBU! Defend our Education! stand in solidarity with these students, and all students who have taken action against these cuts. We offer our full support to the students of rednock School.

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3 Responses to Solidarity with the students at Rednock School in Gloucester

  1. Harriet Eagles says:

    as part of the LSBU occupation of the LRC Langauge Resource Centre i want to say it’s good to be part of the positive, peaceful action in the fight to defend our education, and ultimate respect to everybody else that has got involved in whatever way to make a stand for our rights – solidarity to the student soldiers!

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  3. ciara says:

    Expulsion is rather a draconian over-reaction isn’t it? However not the end of the world for the students… if that’s all the school can come up with its a bit desperate. Work at home. Parents and pupils should insist the school give any worksheets, detail of work planned over the period and their arrangements for catch up procedures for any work missed after the children return. The LEA and the school have a moral duty to ensure they minimise the effect on the child’s education of their proposed punishment. I support the right of everyone whatever their age to express their opinion.

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