LSBU demands

At 12:30 this morning the following demands were issued by the Defend LSBU! Defend our Education! campaign to LSBU Vice-Chancellor, Professor Martin Earwicker:

LSBU Demands

-No disciplinary action to be taken against staff or students who are taking part in, or support, this occupation.

-Reinstate our Language centre immediately, including former language centre staff to their previous roles.  

– Stop all cuts and job losses at LSBU pending a full independent review, including LLU+.

– For the university, including the Vice Chancellor, to make a statement condemning the fees rises and cuts in education.

– We are opposed to all cuts to public services and a rise in tuition fees.

– LSBU is in solidarity with all other actions, nationally and internationally, against the austerity measures.

– Unite and Fight! We call for all universities and colleges to strike and occupy against the cuts in support of our education.

We await his reply.

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